Where is the olive oil consumed in Europe?

More than 5,000,000. This is the amount in thousands of euros of the olive oil imported in 2014 by all the countries of the world. And nearly 3,000,000 of them, were exported by Spain.

If we focus on our environment, Italy in the lead, followed by France, Portugal and Germany were the main importers of olive oil in 2014.

And surprise, where do they bought this oil? All of them and in a large percentage in Spain:

european importers os Spanish olive oil And surprise, where do they bought this oil? All of them and in a large percentage in Spain:

♣ In Italy, 79%

♣ In France, 65%

♣ In Portugal, all

♣ In Germany, nearly 12%


This is possible because besides being the first producer and exporter of olive oil in the world, the Spanish «olive juice» is the best. And we do not say this in VIPEX Consulting, no. Last April, it was recognized in the biggest gathering of olive oil in the world, «The New York International Olive Oil Competition«, where 73 brands of our precious oil were awarded.

As stated the «olive tree lovers» grouped in The Olive Essence, the map of hectares of cultivation by region is distributed as follows:

♣ Andalusia: 60,38% ♣ Valencian Community: 3,65%
♣ Castilla-La Mancha:15% ♣ Aragon: 2,28%
♣ Extremadura: 10,17% ♣ The rest: 3,06%
♣ Catalonia: 4,63%

Today we focus on Navarre

It is clear that Andalusia is the queen in this scenario. But the opportunity to sell in a market without borders is there and it is real for all producers. To realize the potential, we will take as reference one of the regions included in the small group called Rest. We will mix the data in a cocktail shaker:
Navarra should aspire to introduce the olive oil in all the world kitchens

If we consider that the growth of the world imports of olive oil in the last four years has reached 23%, that Spain is the largest producer in the ranking with 1,537 thousand tons, and that the production of olive oil in Navarra exceeded 3 million kilos in the 2014/2015 campaign (Source: Qcom.es), we can launch a question:

Are we prepared to get the olive oil from Navarre become indispensable in the kitchens of Europe first and why not of the world?

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