Organic and “crazy” weekend… in BioCultura Madrid

Last weekend Madrid held this event with more than 70.000 visitors, 700 exhibitors, 18.000 food products and nearly 400 papers in the 31th edition of BioCultura, the international Organic Food and Responsible Consumption Trade Fair that took place at IFEMA.

In just 4 days, from 12th to 15th of November, the participants had the chance to experience an organic and “crazy” weekend…in BioCultura, an oasis from the air pollution breathed this days in the streets of Madrid.

The VIPEX Consulting team did not want to miss it and we had the opportunity to live first-hand this BIO experience. It is not surprising this trade fair is one of the most important in Europe in terms of organic products and the top in Spain.

As every year, we could see the latest developments in organics products, furniture, bioconstruction, recycling… In this edition, as novelty, there was a  special area named “fashion planet” dedicated to organic clothing.

But the main topic of BioCultura once again was GASTRONOMY, which did not disappoint at all. Visitors could enjoy and taste the wide range of organic products such as fruits and vegetables, cheeses, wines, olive oil…The Aromatics olive oil of Agrisanz, the «supuraos» wines of Ojuel Winery, the Idiazabal chesse of Larrezabal Eco, sheep’s chesse of La Majada de Barcina or goat cheese of Caprilac, the Ecochips of Zarabiku, the legumes of Biocicer, the nougat «turron» of Massaxuxes, the linguine with oregano of Herbes de la Conca, the preserving vegetables and seafood (MSC) of Emperatriz… and much more. So many that we would need another post to list them.

exhibitors-BioCultura-Madrid-Organic Food-Trade-Fair

Special mention for the beauty products. Draw our particular attention the organic and natural cosmetic products, and we could not resist to try the ones of  Yeidra. This sector, which demand is in constantly growing, is gaining more consumers concerned of the use of chemical substances on their skin and in favour of environmentally-friendly processes.

No wonder this trade fair gather every year more people who are aware of their health, the environment and responsible consumption.

We invite you to visit this fair next year. You will not be disappointed. And if you already know it, be sure you will repeat.

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