Once upon a time, in a faraway country…

As we told you two weeks ago, it is time today to talk about content marketing applied to the food industry. Once upon a time, in a erase-una-vez-en-un-pais-muy-lejanofaraway country… a white wine bottle in a cupboard was waiting to be consumed… but how? The poor bottle would be in the closet sinking into oblivion because nobody knew what the best conditions for its consumption were.

Or once upon a time, in a far faraway country one “chistorra” (a semi-cured red sausage) left in a fridge waiting to be consumed, but how? The poor “chistorra” would be kept until it is no longer eatable because nobody knew how to cook it or the best moment for eating it.

Well, you may know that there is a simple and very useful marketing strategy, increasingly used by companies, which helps to overcome this kind of barriers. This is the CONTENT MARKETING, the tool used by brands such as Philadelphia, SOS, Kit Kat… with great success.

I leave this link to Gastromedia where you can see some of the successful stories of the food industry they have selected and analyzed. I invite you to dedicate just 30 minutes, enough for you to see the world of opportunities opened up in an international context to make the users aware of how to consume your products and so to increase your sales potential.

Have you seen any samples? Do not you think this is a strong tool with a great potential to introduce new food products in new markets? I will give you some CLUES to consider when you are designing a content marketing strategy:


  • Listen to the consumer, identify their real needs.
  • The mostobvious one: design the strategy.
  • Have a good history to tell, the storytelling, that capturesthe emotion of the
  • Create contents.
  • Promote the created contents.
  • Analyze and monitor results.
  • Continue to create contents.

And you should remember the prestige of the brand Spain and the Mediterranean diet as driving forces of our food products.

If you want to promote your products successfully, VIPEX Consulting can help you by using tools such as content marketing.

Finally, in order to know more about marketing content, I invite you to read this post signed by Vilma Nuñez where you will find information of interest.

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