¿Do you want to export? Part 2

Find out MORE information and support to expand your business abroad

As promised, we would like to share more information and assistance aimed at internationalization. In this case we will talk about a very important issue, FINANCING .

do you want to export?  VIPEX Consulting informs you about financial support

As we discussed in the previous post, for a SME to export or internationalize is more complicated than it looks and is more challenging than for large companies. On the way there are many different factors that affect to varying degrees the development, financing the project is one of them .

Sometimes it is necessary to have external support and tools to help us consolidate our project.

When we seek funding options, there are several options to bear in mind. Official support means were born with the aim of helping Spanish companies to improve their competitiveness and entrance into international markets, but there are also advantageous financial conditions available to the exporter to facilitate their sales abroad, or financial entities traditional bank loans.

Below we will show you the oustanding sources of finantial support:


Through its Business Support Fund, CESCE offers an alternative way based on non-bank financing aimed at all companies, regardless of size or sector, offering access to liquidity by discounting commercial bills.

Being structured in the format of factoring or discounting of commercial invoices, customers should just give the Fund all the credits of a debtor and have bills to discount associated with the sale of goods or services. Moreover, as a non-resourse financing transaction, the company will have no liability for the possible insolvency of the debtor; being the Fund who assumes the default risk of the operation. More about CESCE

Official Credit Institute (ICO)

Through its two ICO credit lines:

  • ICO Exporting 2015

Financing aimed at freelancers and companies established in Spain who wish to obtain liquidity through the advance of the amount of the invoices from their export activities, or cover the costs of previous production and processing of goods exported. The processing operations are carried out directly via credit institutions. More about ICO Exporting

  • ICO International 2015

The credit line ICO International Tranche II Medium and Long Term Export companies, provides grant finance to the Credit Supplier (aimed at Spanish companies to sell goods or services to foreign companies) and Credit Buyer (aimed at foreign firms for the acquisition of goods or services exported by Spanish companies) as well as additional financing for the foreign company acquiring Spanish goods or services that have not been fully covered with Buyer Credit Financing. The operations are carried out directly via credit institutions. More about ICO International

Company Internationalization Fund (FIEM)

Managed by the Trade State Secretariat from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, it is a program of official support for feasibility studies, technical assistance, export operations and investment abroad, supply and turnkey projects.

For the sole purpose of promoting the internationalization of Spanish companies, facilitating their entry into new markets or positioning it in key markets for the Spanish trade policy, gives funding to these companies that can not find financial markets for their projects. FIEM provides funding through four funding modalities. More about FIEM


With its own resources, COFIDES may finance private investment projects to be carried out in emerging or developing countries, where there is a Spanish interest, that is, that the project will contribute to the internationalization of Spanish companies or Spanish economy.

It also offers the Pymes – Invierte program (SMEs – Invest), launched by COFIDES and ICEX Spain Export and Investment, to provide comprehensive support for foreign investment by SMEs in order to improve their competitiveness and meet their global needs of implementation in third countries. Pymes- Invierte facilitates the funding provided by COFIDES and the techical advice by ICEX and throughout all the investment process. Endowed with 50 million euros, this program provides funding for SMEs both productive investment and comercial. More information about COFIDES

do you want to export? benefit of financial supports in your internationalization projects
The financial supports improve your competitiveness and entrance into international markets

If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more, contact us and we will help you find the most suitable options for your business. Together we will make your export projects succeed.

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