Do you want to export? Part 1

Find information and support to give the jump overseas

We know how hard it is to initiate in the exportation business. There is so much information we are not aware of and in the end makes it even harder to take the decision to export. Spanish companies, especially the SMEs who are initiating must know that can count with the support of the government and other public organizations.

There is an extensive list of services and programs to support the company’s internationalization plans given by the Public Government and the Autonomous Communities.

discover if you want to export
Do you want to export?

We think it is essential having this kind of tools in consideration because it would help us to know clearly the steps to follow whether we pursue to initiate or establish our internationalization strategies.

Here you will find a list with information and support for the Internationalization.

ICEX Next Program

It is a program lead towards Spanish SMEs who want to expand their business globally or established their business overseas. This programs provides financial support and a personalized experts consultancy. For more information visit the ICEX site.

Secretaría de Estado de Comercio

Depending of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, the Secretaría de Estado de Comercio has some resources to support foreign trade.

To be outlined, The Integral Plans of Market Development for a selection of countries (PIDM).The PIDM of this year 2015 are Argelia, Australia, Brasil, China, Consejo de Cooperación del Golfo, EEUU, Filipinas, India, Indonesia, Japón, Marruecos, México, Rusia, Singapur, Sudáfrica and Turquía. For more information, visit Mineco.

Exporters Associations

This Associations help to maintain the presence of Spanish products abroad, making possible their access to new markets . For more information visit this site.

International Trade Fairs

The information about this trade fairs it is a very useful and important tool to have in mind. In these fairs you can establish contacts, launch new projects and make more visible your brand. Here you will find a calendar with the most important trade fairs.

Chamber of Commerce in Spain

They offer information for companies who want to export, appart from services and support to the internationalization.

Trough the Xpande Program the companies could work with an specialist in International Trade from the Chamber of Commerce who will guide and advice them in their Internationalization plans. Visit this site for more information.

Business Cooperation Committees

Associations created for Spanish companies interested in establishing commercial contacts with different countries. This type of committees make possible the assistance to meetings between Spanish and international companies, and  provide a channel of communication about commercial and economics actions related with a particular country.  For more information visit this link information.


In addition, the AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITIES also have their own plans, in some cases the Chambers of Commerce are the organisms who manage all this official supports for the promotion of the companies internationalizations plans in their Region.

hit the target with supports to exportThere is so much information out there…In Vipex Consulting we can inform you in all this kind of benefits that will help you as a guide to hit directly to your target.

In the next post we will deal with an important topic: Financial assistance for Internationalization plans.

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