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Welcome to our blog!!!

from right to left: Iranzu Velasco, Susana Sánchez, Vicky BrañezThis post intends to be a greeting of presentation for all the people interested in internationalization process for its business and in starting or consolidating export projects. We are Vicky Brañez, Iranzu Velasco and Susana Sánchez, partners and founders of VIPEX Consulting, a company that provides Integral Export Services to food and agriculture SMEs.

With this blog we want to share information, our knowledge with all of you. And with this information that we really would like is to come to you, to assist you, to give new ideas on what/how to do … In the end, make you think, just with an objective: that your internationalization plans become successful projects.

We commit to update this space every fortnight. We hope this blog to be useful for you all.

Thanks a lot for your time,
Vicky, Iranzu an Susana

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