10 reasons to attend Trade Fairs

Trade fairs provide an important chance to develop and increase exports and generate business opportunities. It is a valuable tool because it does not only provides «one» thing, they offer many in one place and in a short period of time. They are a showcase to be seen and heard in a closer way, having the chance to present ourselves, be more visible and position our brand in international markets.


As for an SME is a considerable expenditure of time and money, whether you participate as an exhibitor or visitor, is important to make the most of the potential value they offer.

Therefore we can consider this two questions:

  1. How can my company take advantage from participating in these fairs?
  2. What are the benefits I can get from them?

Detailed below you have 10 reasons why it is so important to participate in international fairs and also some tips on how to get the most out of them.


It’s a great opportunity to see concentrated the largest number of clients and potential clients in one place and is an ideal way for prospective buyers to know our products and increase our sales environment.

Being able to keep face to face meetings with customers, where there is a direct interaction between buyer and seller. In this case it is the customer who looks for you, is more keen on listening to what you have to say, analyze your product and choose if it meets their expectations.

TIP: Attending a show does not guarantee you a sale and should not be seen as a primary objective. Focus on create a source of contacts who are interested in your products and the possibility to generate future sales.


It is important to publicize our products and services means. Do not forget that is the place where supply and demand is concentrated and is a very receptive channel, since the buyer goes directly to our booth to know our product.

Be seen and heard by potential customers is one of the basic needs especially for a SME. This space will give you the chance for being equal to a big company so everything depends on a strategic plan well-planned in advance.

TIP: You must plan the marketing strategy and promotion. Essential: make a good presentation of the company and have samples and quality informative material.


Fairs are one of the best and most effective ways to contact new potential customers from all over the world.

Those attending the fair are usually professionals (companies, distributors, importers) somehow interested in our product, in the sector or country and often difficult to find this contacts in other ways.

TIP: Communicate to potential customers your participation before the show and if possibly arrange a meeting. After the event, keep track of these new contacts.

We have the opportunity to meet with our customers in a professional environment and where they can see, touch and meet physically our product. It is also a good moment to strengthen our relationship.

TIP: Invite customers to visit your stand mentioning it through different means such as  your website or email signature.

We can meet and learn more about competitors, find new ideas and evaluate the differences between the company and competitors. Today it is necessary to deeply know the competition.

TIP: Find information about the other companies participating in the fair, visit their websites and take time to walk through the exhibits and study the competition.

It’s a perfect time to reinforce the image of the company, the stand becomes a reflection of your organization, therefore we should take advantage of the presence at the exhibition to enhance the image of the company and its reputation against the competitors.

TIP: Positioning your image abroad will depend on how you transmit your message through promotional and commercial activities.


No better time to launch new products than doing it on a large scale at a fair. Attendees are looking for new ideas and these events can cause great impact.

 Another advantage is that we can get feedback immediately, we will have the opinion of our customers first hand.

TIP: Identify potential suppliers, importers, distributors who are looking for new products.


Another key advantage is the opportunity to identify the market and industry trends, do not forget that at fairs experts as many industry professionals who belong to the same sector concentrate.

 We can meet marketing channels, ways of doing business in the country and to analyze the information acquired through these.

TIP: If this is the first time you attended the fair, do it as a visitor, so you can study in depth the market and develop a good plan for when you become exhibitors.

It can serve as a communication tool, and we have the opportunity to be seen and noted by the general and specialized press who are interested in our products. So it is vital to public relations with the media and advertising advantage we can get from our participation at trade shows.

TIP: Participate in the activities they provide, whether seminars, conferences and even competitions.

The exhibitions have much more value than just capture leads, they are the meeting place of professionals in our industry and often the best place to build and renew alliances with partners.

TIP: Feed yourself with other collaborative experiences in established partnerships, learn and analyze their benefits. 

Now that you’ve seen the ways in which we can benefit from trade fairs and how to achieve your objectives, we cannot deny that it is one of the most important marketing channels for business.

Another important aspect is to CHOSE THE MOST CONVENIENT FAIR for us. Soon we will give you some ideas and we will show you the most important trade fairs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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